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Vote 4 Dana Kelley Campaign

In the spring election of 2021 Dana Kelley ran for Milwaukee Public School Board in District 4. I was the first person she turned to in order to get her campaign off the ground. Though I already knew Dana I still conducted an interview with her to see what her goals were for this campaign and to see how she was envisioning it. She gave me a few colors she liked and the title of her campaign - Vote 4 Dana Kelley, the rest she trusted me to determine. I was the sole creative for this campaign that involved logo development, website design, social media design and publishing, merch design, and handout, mailer, and yard sign design and printing.


Logo Design


Below is the logo, with a few variants for flexibility. 

Website Design


I know to create a good website you have to start with good images so I reached out to my friend Nathan Schmidt, a local photographer, to get all the images for the site. I worked within a design template offered by Wix and adjusted it to fit all my needs. 


Handbills were used for canvasing, I facilitated purchasing all mailers and handouts for the campaign. Each time we needed more handbills I updated the design, below are the 2 versions of the handbills. 


The campaign sent out two mailers, one before the primary and one before the general election. 

Social Media Posts

I created several social media campaigns to match with designs established in the mailers and handouts. Below are a few of the campaigns I wanted to highlight, you can scroll through them.