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Since 2017 Alyssa has had the opportunity to be a key part of the Grilled Cheese Grant. Through this she has been able to grow her portfolio along with the image and success of the grant. In 2020 she re-branded the grant to be its own entity, apart from the now defunct artist collective it was created within. Alyssa continues to look for ways she can be helpful to her community through in-person volunteer and graphic design assistance.  





Alyssa Sue Anderson is an artist and designer existing in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Self-diagnosed with asthma at the age of 12, she maintains that this is the reason she cannot run. She received her BFA in 2015 from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design where she majored in Integrated Studio Arts with a focus in sculpture, design, and sports. Alyssa also attended Marquette University for her minor in Advertising.






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