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MKE Stats is a project that aims to unveil advertising trickery. Often times statistics found in the media are not true or have a biased opinion and yet too often the public digests them without question. As this problem persists MKE Stats is adapting this model of presenting information by using poorly cited and often times assumed statistics about some of Milwaukee's most prominent neighborhoods.


By using guerilla advertising tactics I post these up throughout the city in the locations they relate to. Along with this MKE Stats have also been showcased as commercials in the show Friction in Flack Space: A Projection Exhibition, 706//708(A), see below.

MKE Stats has been active for 4 years and was founded by Alyssa Anderson with contributions from Nathan Schmidt, Margaret Halquist, and editing by Saige Rowe. This "company" is active and always seeking new minds for a contribution of new ideas and complicated statistics. MKE Stats has remained dormant for a couple years as the artists immerse themselves to better provide insights to the neighborhoods beyond ones listed here.

MKE Stats Comercial #1

MKE Stats Comercial #1

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