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Faom Box-7.jpg

Foam Box Kit

This project, similar to the tri-fold, stemmed from an existing sales tool that needed an update. The previous was lacking continuity and didn’t show Heinn Chapman’s logo anywhere. I wanted to emphasize the working relationship between Heinn Chapman and their sister company Jonco. Jonco does larger scale industrial manufacturing and collaborates with Heinn Chapman on projects requiring specific operations. 

Heinn Chapman often needed to illustrate different foam types because most of the custom boxes they create incorporate some sort of foam holder. Having a transportable, easily understood demonstration tool is invaluable for sales associates on the road. An example that people can interact with and feel makes all the difference when choosing appropriate foam.

Faom Box.jpg
Faom Box-2.jpg
Faom Box-10.jpg



 I wanted to highlight the process here to remind the customer that this is all done in-house, because being able to produce turn-key projects is a major selling point at Heinn Chapman.

Faom Box-5.jpg

Know your options


Here I showed various toppers for the foam. Often customers require the benefits of foam, but dislike the appearance. Heinn Chapman uses options like these to elevate the clients’ projects and meet their needs.

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