Holiday Gift

For the 2019 holiday season I brainstormed this idea to combine Heinn Chapman's heat seal capabilities with case-bound, foil stamping, and printing - which the sales team was thrilled about. They were also very happy the product could ship flat. 

Designing a calendar had been a long term goal of mine. I wanted to create a modern, simple design and color scheme that emulated the essence of each month. I took advantage of the front fold and placed the company logo there permanently to keep the calendar pages simple and still have the logo visible when the calendar was no longer in use.


I wanted to have all company information accessible without being an eyesore and placing this on the underside made the information visible while also keeping our stamping die size small (which helped with cost)! 

Lasting Impression

At the end of it’s use as a calendar the stand can be used as a photo or note holder. It won’t become defunct without the calendar and therefore can be used for years to come. This was especially important to me as recycling and reusing are essential to our future. Being environmentally friendly wasn’t a high priority for management but is always something I try to bring to my design practice. This often involves going above and beyond what’s asked of me and can often leads to cost savings because I get the most out of the materials I spec.