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Grilled Cheese Grant MAiler

To raise money for the Grilled Cheese Grant, beyond selling grilled cheese, we offered 3 thank-you gifts for different levels for donations - cheese pin, mystery print, and cheese sculpture. We also sent out thank-you notes with branded stickers. I designed all components of the mailer, shown below.


Cheese Sculpture


I designed the cheese sculpture to ship flat and be a fun puzzle to put together and have on display. It was laser cut from acrylic by a local artist. 


Pin Backers

We could have just handed out the pins in plastic bags but I wanted to go the extra mile and create pin backers in a few designs to make them extra tantalizing and affirm our branding. 

Pin Designs

To create the pin I presented 5 design options for the group to vote on, along with a chart of sizing and pricing options. We landed on a 1” cheese slice because it seemed like it would be the best seller and a great way for people to recognize the grant. But the other designs were well-liked and we decided to use them as stickers to further establish the visual identity and because no one can resist a sticker. In addition to designing the pins and stickers, I coordinated with the vendors to have materials and print delivered on time.

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