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Cheese Grant

Logo Development

The Grilled Cheese Grant is an annual fundraising event/micro-grant in Milwaukee, WI. It provides support for undergraduate seniors who are working to complete their senior thesis projects in Fine Arts. As a leading member of this program my roles include organizer, graphic designer, content creator, product designer, and outreach coordinator. As the graphic designer I was able to produce the logo and visual identity for the grant. I believe this was pivotal to the grants success because it made the grant very easy to understand and more approachable than in the past. This became especially important as we had to transition the entire event on-line due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  




To make sure everyone on the leadership team had a voice in the visual identity we discussed the things that were important to each of us. I asked people to sketch out their ideas (below). We wanted our identity to be professional but also unexpected and eye-catching.



From those sketches I created four concepts for the group to vote on. It incorporates a bit of whimsy, but with a clear and clean aesthetic. I chose to stick to a circle format because it creates fluid movement and allows the logo to fit cleanly into profile photos for social media.   

GCG logo Designs.JPG


While designing the posters I was able to pull a lot of design language from the logo, emphasizing the brand identity and creating repeatable elements like the squiggly line. I used the logo to enforce a color scheme and was able to reverse out the text to the color of the bread for some variety. I wanted these two posters to have a similar format so they would be immediately recognizable.

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