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WE Sportsabilia

Focusing on the iconic status of the athlete in many sports fans eyes, this work dissects and reactivates the sports fan’s own life, challenging them to find greater meaning in the athletes’. Triggered by life in Green Bay Packers territory, I’m pressed to understand the motivations of those around me. As a perennial witness to the uproar of emotion and furious dedication, I am intrigued by the sports fan’s treatment of language. In the fever of commitment, this language is often overlooked--specifically the assumptive “WE.”


This collective of works uses different mediums to convey similar messages of idolatry, dependency, and identity. These themes are not exclusive to sports, but I see the fan’s glorification of athletes as a powerful arena for this critique. While the intention is not to extinguish the sports fan’s passion, my hope is that they will reconsider their dedication to something so removed from their control.

WE Intermediate Fan Pack

WE Intermediate Fan Pack

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