Business Cards



David wanted his business card to capture who he is behind the bar - sophisticated, with a self-described ‘nerdy’ edge. I shot photos of David behind the bar where he worked, experimenting with different drinks but always focusing on the hands and the sartorial details. We chose this photo because it highlights the elegance of the drinks he is capable of making while capturing his Harry Potter ring and tie and suspender combination. 



For this project Nathanial wanted something, “eye catching and cool, but minimal”. He didn’t want to include any specific photo for fear that it might pigeon hole his work. I wanted the black box to act as framing and referenced all color tones from images he took or designs he mentioned. Nathanial takes images in the current day that look like they would have been taken in the past - he has an affinity for the visuals of the 60’s and I wanted to let that come through in the text, mixing a little psychedelic with Bauhaus design. I also built the graphics on the back to illustrate different platforms for engaging with his work. I wanted to create images that were easily identifiable but matched with the mood of the card.   


Event Planner

Bethany was looking for a design that was bold, bright, and slightly feminine, with an illustration that was, “still girly and professional in style”. I used a slightly informal cursive font to bring out Bethany’s bubbly personality. We decided to include a graphic that alluded to the memories that would be formed via Bethany’s party planning skills. I brought the movement of the champagne clank to the back of the card to incorporate movement and texture. In the final printing that area is coated in raised spot gloss. 



Working in a kitchen previously gave me the perfect insight for how to handle Ben’s business card. I used the basic format of a kitchen expo ticket and inserted Ben’s achievements and roles. Adding fun details like his graduation date from MATC and birthday in the check number. It’s common in the kitchen for tickets to get greasy and have handwritten notes - to allude to this we included his contact information using his actual handwriting. Ben’s cooking is truly unique to him and always exceptional and I wanted to create a business card for him that matched that.